Taxicabs and Countryroads

from by Zia Hassan



red eyed and overworked
we run businesses
tugging on a runaway kite

if you take the day shifts
I'll take the night

the seasons pass us by
in our garden, in the place where the flowers grow

if you rake the leaves
I'll shovel snow

we have a place that's all our own
and we don't cultivate
the things we've grown
and when we need to
we just meet in between
you take taxicabs
I take countryroads

blue tie and overdressed
we live in palaces
marble and cavernous halls

if you pick the furniture
I'll paint the walls

It's always rain or shine
It's just a circle or a tiny line
whether we meet in the middle or walk around
there's never anything that's lost or found


from Grow Slow, released November 1, 2009



all rights reserved